Author: fntala

Meet Ms. Soraya Aziz Souleymane


Meet Ms. Soraya, our Speaker (August 22, 2016, at 6:00PM)

Please bring a friend to hear a special guest from the D R Congo.

Ms. Soraya Aziz Souleymane hails from the Eastern and Central areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms. Soraya has master’s degrees in Development Studies from Sussex, UK and in International Relations from CAM in Kenya.

She works on the enforcement of values such as social justice and democracy in the use of natural resources on the D R Congo. She promotes participation and citizen engagement in natural resources governance. Her special focus is on women and children. She is also an active member of the Lions Club in Kinshasa.

Ms. Soraya is the founder Nyota, a nonprofit organization that is working in natural resources governance. Since March 2016, she is its Executive Director. She was the Deputy Director of the Carter Center. Ms. Soraya was also a fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

She is a great speaker and motivator.

Ms. Soraya is currently attending a workshop in the USA, on transparency and accountability in government.